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Benefits of using Super Soil

Super Soil swells to many times its actual size when wet and lends a helping hand with watering.

Keeping potted plants and hanging baskets watered can be very time-consuming, but by adding Super Soil to your compost/fertiliser at the time of potting, will not only help reduce evaporation by 30% to 60% but save on the number of times you would need to water, thus keeping soil moisture for longer.

However, adding Super Soil will not entirely replace the need for regular watering, especially when the plants are growing well and during dry weather.


Where to use Super Soil

Super Soil should be added to the compost/fertiliser when preparing pot plants, hanging baskets, window boxes etc. for planting.

When it comes to hanging baskets, in particular, it can be difficult to water as they are often out of reach & up high; they also have little growing medium and tend to dry out quickly as they are mostly exposed to more sunlight and wind.

By adding Super Soil it will help reduce the effects of water stress and produce healthy full pots, hanging baskets, window boxes etc.

Pot plants, hanging baskets and window boxes that are crammed with plants or have fast-growing plants in them such as annual climbers are more likely to benefit from the addition of Super Soil than those containing drought-tolerant or slow-growing plants such as succulents for example.

Add Super Soil regularly when re-potting plants or when adding new plants to an existing planter.


Flower beds

When preparing for your flower beds, mix your compost/fertiliser with Super Soil in the prepared pocket in the ground so that it will keep moisture at the plant’s roots.

Super Soil mixed with your compost/fertilisers can improve fertiliser efficiency & reduce wastage.

Super Soil mixing Ratios are all dependent on the requirements of the plants being planted.

  • Super Soil will swell considerably in size when wet, compared to when dry so be careful not to exceed mixing ratios.
  • Super Soil can be activated by adding water, slowly start adding water in a bucket or container, the warmer the water the quicker Super Soil will activate, the colder the water the longer it will take. In the cooler months mix Super Soil and leave for a few minutes before adding more to avoid using too much. Super Soil which has not yet been activated can be placed directly in your soil, focusing mainly around the root area of the plants; activation of Super Soil will take place once watered.
  • Adding too much Super Soil will push the plants up and out of their containers. When using Super Soil, less is often more.

There are many uses and applications for Super Soil.

  • Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn
  • Golf Courses
  • Pot Plants
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Seedlings

Super Soil can be added to established plants/trees in your garden,


Disposal of Super Soil

Super Soil is biodegradable and does break down over time.

So when your added Super Soil is spent, it can simply be added to your garden compost heap.

This can then be used either as mulch or dug into the soil as a conditioner.

If you use Super Soil as mulch the swollen granules can appear strange almost jelly-like when wet & on top of the soil.

  • Super Soil is non-toxic, none flammable,
  • Non-residue product and is totally biodegradable.
  • Super Soil must be kept out of reach of children and animals.
  • Super Soil swells in size when in contact with moisture and should not be consumed or ingested in any way.
  • Avoid breathing in the product as it will swell when in contact with moisture.
  • If consumed or ingested in any way seek a medical practitioner immediately.


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